Fallout 4 Survival mode disables manual saves & sounds hard as hell

If wandering about the post-nuclear remains of Boston is just too easy for you, you might be interested in Fallout 4's upcoming Survival mode. Much like Survival mode in Fallout: New Vegas before it, this special way of playing gives players more obstacles to overcome and makes the whole affair just a tad more realistic.

While this unique option isn't available yet, Reddit user ShaneD53 claims to have dug into the game's files and pulled out information regarding exactly what Survival mode does. It's quite the laundry list of changes, and each one sounds more punishing than the last. Let's get started:

Saving/Resting: No more manual saves or quicksaving. In order to save your game, you'll need to find a place to rest. Also, different types of beds provide different benefits. A sleeping bag, for example, can let you save your game, but will not provide resting bonuses.
Fast Travel: Fast travel is disabled entirely.
Encumbrance: Ammunition now has a weight value, which increases the larger the caliber. For example, a pistol's ammo will weigh very little, while rockets or a mini-nuke will weigh much more. Exceeding your carry weight will reduce your Endurance and Agility stats, as well as deal periodic damage to your legs and hit points.
Compass: Enemies no longer appear on your compass. Additionally, the distance at which locations of interest appear on your compass has been shortened.
Adrenaline: You automatically acquire the Adrenaline perk, which increases damage output in combat. Unlike most perks however, Adrenaline is raised in rank solely by way of accruing kills. Resting for more than an hour lowers your Adrenaline rank.
Wellness: Wellness represents your overall health. If you do not eat, drink, and sleep, you will lower your Wellness, reduce your SPECIAL stats, raise your Fatigue, become more susceptible to disease, and eventually take physical damage.
Fatigue: Much like how radiation damage inhibits your hit points, Fatigue will restrict your action points. The more Fatigue you have, the less AP you have for other actions, such as sprinting or using VATS.
Disease: Various illnesses with a multitude of effects can hinder your time in the Commonwealth. Eating uncooked meat, drinking unpurified water, or taking damage from disease-afflicted enemies such as feral ghouls all increase the likelihood of infection. Diseases can be cured with Antibiotics, which can be crafted at Chem Stations or purchased from doctors.
Crippled Limbs: Crippled limbs no longer self-heal given time and rest. You must use a Stimpack.
Companions: If downed during combat, a companion will no longer get back up on their own. They will, however, crawl home if left uncared for.
Enemies: Enemies repopulate cleared areas at a slower rate.

There's no official release date for Survival mode, but hopefully now that you know what's coming, you'll be prepared. I suggest stocking up on canned foods and bullets.

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