Fallout 4 prank call gets people mad at a Vault-Tec rep

Why hello there, Vault-Tec here, humbly asking for a minute or four out of your day so that you can wallow in the frustration of others, as YouTuber ICEnJAM prank calls people using lines from Fallout 4. It truly is quite the aural treat, as the victims grow increasingly agitated and confused. I believe they call such a feeling "schadenfreude."

I admit I feel a little bad for poor Don, whose day keeps getting interrupted by a nosey salesman, but I think the real highlight is Joe. I don't know who this Joe character is, but I can't imagine the life he must live to so nonchalantly answer absurd questions like, "What's the best course of treatment for a mutated hand that's grown out of your stomach?"

Thank you, Joe. And thank you, ICEnJAM. When the end of the world comes, I think you'll do just fine.

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Sam Prell

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