Fallout 4 Nuka-World trailer has rides, raiders, and a jaunty tune

All you fine folks of the wasteland, step right up, step right up, Fallout 4 has a deal for you! Tickets for your admission to Nuka-World will go on sale soon, but you can get a taste of the fun right now thanks to this fancy thingamajigger whizbang we call "the internet". So have a seat, grab some refreshments, and enjoy this moving picture what shows you the DLC's gameplay! 

What's that? You want to know what you'll actually do in Nuka-World? Well my friend, I'm glad you asked. Nuka-World has four unique zones for you to enjoy. Go hunting in the Safari Adventure, become an explorer of Dry Rock Gulch, blast off in the Galactic Zone, or take the wee ones and your spouse for a ride in the Kiddie Kingdom! You do have a spouse and child, don't you? You've got that look about you, I can tell. And I'm sure nothing awful has happened to them.

Just in case you're looking for a new family however, you can always become the new Raider boss and use the roving gangs to conquer the Commonwealth. Of course, I know you would never do such a thing, being a kind-hearted and good-lookin' person such as yourself.

Nuka-World: why, it's the happiest place on Earth, yes siree! Just mind your step, watch out for the killer robots and mutated wildlife, and you'll have a gay old time. The park will be open for business on August 30.

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Sam Prell

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