Fallout 4 DLC will take you to Nuka-World and let you build your own vault

The Fallout 4 DLC goes on, with three new packs confirmed by Bethesda at its E3 showcase event. Your settlements will expand into strange machines and deep underground, and you'll even get to head to an all-new location.

First off, the Fallout 4 Contraptions Workshop will be released next week, giving players the ability to build cool stuff like armor racks and weapon racks, and conveyor belts, and sorting machines, and even giant ball bearing tracks perfect for Rube Goldberg devices. Then in July the Vault-Tec workshop will let players expand underground, creating their own Vaults complete with potential experiments.

Last up is Nuka-World arriving in August 2016. Bethesda didn't share much about this DLC, but it looks like it will let players explore an all-new location much like Far Harbor. In this case it's a bustling town (update: apparently it's a raider encampment, SAME DIFFERENCE) built in the ruins of a Nuka-Cola theme park.

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