Fallout 4 has driveable cars - its just that they're in Forza 6

Drivable vehicles have been absent from the Fallout series for some time, but today they make their comeback - albeit in a different game series. Forza Motorsport 6 developer Turn 10 has partnered with Bethesda to give players of its racing game a taste of Fallout 4 early, by way of free DLC for a Vault-Tec-themed '56 Ford F100.

The blue and yellow Vault Boy truck is available now to all Forza 6 players. More free DLC, this time for the Chryslus Rocket 69 (a fictional car from the Fallout universe), is coming in 2016, though it will be exclusive to those who purchase Fallout 4 for Xbox One.

Fallout cars, functioning Pip-Boys, drinkable Nuka-Cola … here's hoping Bethesda doesn't continue its spread of Fallout promotional materials to include actual irradiated roaches and deathclaws.

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Sam Prell

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