Fallout 3: How to be an evil SOB

There are plenty of other choices in Fallout 3that'll make you a class A dick, but instead of recording everyminute bit of jackassery, we thought we'd finish up with this collection ofscreenshots. You could call them "meanshots," butif youdid, and were an NPC in Fallout3, we'd probably knock your head off with a sledghammer.

Above: Oh, sorry, I was totally gonna free you from the Super Mutants, but sometimes I accidently start this auto targeting thingy, select people's heads, and shoot them.

Above: Running through towns vaporizing everyone with a shotgun never looses its appeal...

Above: But beheading is even more fun...

Above: ...Especially when all they want is a glass of clean water. There's no clean water here! Only bullets n' stuff!

Above: O hai!

Above: With a little effort...

Above: ...The citizens of Megaton are a total pushover

Above: Even Simms has no chance to survive

Above: Nothing like a cloud of blood inthe face end a good day

Nov 13, 2008

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