Fallout 3: How to be an evil SOB

If you were like me on my first playthrough of Fallout 3, you just couldn't do it. You couldn't pull the trigger, choose the cruelest dialog, or pal around with worst terrorists. Maybe you broke into a few houses, stole some empty whiskey bottles, slapped around a few back-talking civilians,but you never cut Moira's head off and laughed as it rolled around on the floor.

So if you're planning to play it safe until you make character number two, you might want to know: just what happens if...? We sacrificed our morals to find out.

If you don't want anything ruined for you, go be an asshole yourself.

Despite sounding remarkably like Sarah Palin, there's something charming about Megaton's ditsy shopkeeper Moira. But if charm slides off you like butter, and you prefercrushing ambition to encouraging it, you cantalk her out of her plansto write the Wasteland Survival Guide.Hey now, it's okay, this way you'll have more ammo for me to buy, and I even get a perk out of the deal! See, something good comes from everything!

Somehow, we hate ourselves for hurting the feelings of a collection of prerecorded dialog.

If you've played at all, you should know that early in the game you have a few choices - one of which is to blow the shit out of all the little people in Megaton. For some reason our sassy friend Moira seems to always get the brunt of our bad deeds.

Do you like Galaxy News Radio's soothing tunes, but hate the snarky interruptions from Three Dog? Well, after his usefulness in your search for Dad expires, you can put him away like just another filthy mole rat.

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer