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Fall Guys Squads Mode lets you compete as team for the crown

Fall Guys season 4
(Image credit: Mediatonic)

Fall Guys Squads Mode debuts today, and it gives you a chance to team up with three friends in your quest for the crown.

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Fall Guys Season 4 will include the new mode, which pits 15 teams of four against each other in a playlist that includes almost all of the game's current events. You can either manually make your quartet or find one via matchmaking. Squads Mode will be available for the first two weeks of Fall Guys Season 4 so Mediatonic can get player reactions and feedback and adjust the new mode accordingly.

Squads Mode lets you compete as a four-player team in order to win (and lose) together. A scoring system will be implemented for most of the game types, with the lowest-scoring teams getting the chop at the end of each round. That means, if you're like me and are trash at Slime Climb and never make it to the finish line, you'll still get a chance to move onto the next round if one of your teammates can make it far enough to earn some points. 

It also means that a Final Round victory will go to the last player standing and their entire squad, which may drastically change the way you play a Final Round. You could technically work towards getting one of your teammates across the finish line and sabotage other players along the way, because a victory for one is a victory for all. It'll be interesting to see how Squads Mode may change players approaches to these well-known gametypes. 

Epic Games now owns Mediatonic, and we're keeping an eye out to see what changes that will bring to Fall Guys. 

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