Fall Guys has a secret random event and you’ll probably never see it

Fall Guys Season 2
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Fall Guys has a secret random event where Mediatonic jelly bean figures spawn everywhere, but it's not likely you'll ever encounter it.

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Twitter user @PrinxessTI was sure something was broken in their match when a ton of red and green Mediatonic beans appeared, lying dormant on their sides. It certainly looks like it'd be an easy level to qualify on, even if the goal of this level is non-existent (where do you go, exactly? How do you win?). While Mediatonic initially responded with a promise that the team was "investigating," the official Fall Guy Twitter account spilled some tea.

"I gotta confess something. We put in a secret feature where hundreds of Mediatonic jelly bean guys spawn in at the start of the level. It's a very low probability. Most of you won't get to see it. We just wanted to give ourselves a cheeky  shout out." Now, whether or not this is a top-secret level or just a clever way to respond to an in-game bug is unclear, but I'm betting on the latter.

It's unlikely you'll encounter a level full of sleeping (or dead?) Mediatonic jelly beans, but you certainly have a better chance of running into Big Yeetus. As we previously reported, a Fall Guys mid-season update improves the anti-cheat system and adds the now infamous Big Yeetus, a gigantic hammer that will randomly spawn and yeet you across the map. Some of the levels have been slightly "remixed" as well, so keep an eye out. All I know is, if they don't get rid of Slime Climb, I'm gonna lose my damn mind.

Now that the update has dropped, how does our list of the best Fall Guys minigames hold up?

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