Fake movie posters we wish were real (including Bryan Cranston in a Stan Lee movie)

We've all got a dream movie in us somewhere - a crazy mix of perfect casting and concept that, to us, would be box office gold and an eternal classic. Most of the time it just stays in your head, rolling around with occasional revisions and the odd fantasy of bumping into someone who could make it a reality... 

However, there's a few people out there that go one step further, crafting posters to sell the idea even harder. None of these are real, unfortunately, but all sell a screen dream that's hard to resist. 

Bryan Cranston is Stan Lee

(Image credit: hoohoo3000, Reddit)

This is actually a reworking of a Bryan Cranston movie called The Infiltrator, repurposed beautifully on Reddit. You can almost hear him as Stan Lee thumping desks as he argues with artists. (And we'll skip past the fact that Lee didn't actually create Captain America.)

A new Bond 

(Image credit: Gillian Anderson)

Gillian Anderson herself tweeted this out when Daniel Craig's departure from 007 announced a casting frenzy. There's no source unfortunately but you've got to admit she's a perfect fit for a 'Jane Bond'.

Two from a professional 

We're into pro-territory here with these two from Pascal Witaszek. He makes actual movie posters for real films which explains why both his Walt Disney and Dad of the Dead ones look so good. It's not just the art here, but the perfect combination of casting and even directors and tag lines that make these sing.

This could have happened

This poster seems like such a perfect marriage of idea and actor that it's actually got its own Snope's page to confirm it's not true. However, it nearly was as The Rock was once attached to a live action Johnny Bravo film that never happened. 

Time for some spinach (and nightmares)

I'm not sure how I feel about a dark, Chris Nolan-style take on Popeye The Sailor Man but I'm intrigued. There's a bit of confusion about this one as a few stories actually link this to producers and production companies. It's fake as all hell though as the poster's a photoshopped version of this hideous/amazing model.  

Drake's misfortune 

And, to finish up, the one that got away. Or did it? Never has a combination of actor and IP been more popular with the fans, to the point that, just as all hope seemed lost, Nathan Fillion took matters into his own hands and made an unofficial, Uncharted fan-film rather recently. Will it ever lead to the full-blown feature this poster teases? Cross everything. Forever. 

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