Faces of War update

More shots and info of the multiplayer options for Ubisoft's real-time strategy game Faces of War have emerged, due for release for PC on August 5.

The squad-based game has you guiding six soldiers through several of the key battles of WWII, with action experienced from several sides of the conflict as you control Allied, Soviet or German troops.

Nine different multiplayer options are available, including a cooperative mode that allows between two and four players to play their way through the mission from the single-player game.

Three of the modes - Global, deathmatch and King of the Hill - have each player fending for themselves, with Global offering the most intriguing action as it is played in rounds and gamers can decide which actions score points.

The remaining modes are team based. There's Battle Zone which is all about securing zones for as long possible, Escort which has one side protecting a vehicle while the others attack, an object gathering test called Stalker and Frontline is an assault based challenge with one team on the offensive as the others defend.

Lastly, there's the wonderfully titled Chicken Hunt that has both teams searching for fat chickens that live in the woods. The winning team is the one that gets the most chickens back to its kitchen within a certain time limit.

All these games support up to 16 players online.

June 12, 2006