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It must be tough, having to write a Bond for which expectations are so high...
Robert Wade: I think we felt more pressure writing The World Is Not Enough, because that was our first one. There’s always a lot of pressure, though. It’s difficult to come up with new stuff when it’s all been done 19 times before. But everyone feels Die Another Day has a good story, and the basic idea is interesting, so you’ve just got to get on with it and forget about the pressure.

The story’s rooted in a plot to reunite North and South Korea. How realistic have you tried to make this movie?
Neal Purvis: We’ve actually decided to get away from some of the realism of the past few Bond movies, and make a slightly more fantastic story. We’re trying to get back to the big sets that Bonds were known for years ago.

What with this being the 40th anniversary, will this be the most physical, action-packed Bond yet, then?
NP: I always thought that Tomorrow Never Dies was the most full-on Bond film in terms of action. But there’s a hell of a lot in this.

RW: I don’t know whether this is the most physical because they’re all pretty physical. We certainly haven’t intended it to be a violent film, but it has an intriguing storyline, with the idea of this mystery Bond has to solve, and he ends up on his own, and nothing is quite what it seems. We were concentrating more on that – we wanted to give Pierce Brosnan more to do as an actor.

Any plans to write another Bond film?
RW: Well, it’s the best job in the world... But we’ll see what happens.



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