Fable 4 lead amused that people can't believe the new trailer is real gameplay

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A Fable 4 lead is happy some people can't believe the game's recent reveal will be reflective of its final quality.

Last week at the big Xbox Games Showcase, we finally got a new look at Fable 4 via a gameplay trailer complete with a gigantic Richard Ayoade. Apparently there's been a lot of chatter online from people that can't believe the new gameplay trailer is "real," and are convinced Fable 4 won't actually look like that at launch.

This is all actually pretty amusing for Lukas Koelz, lead lighting artist on Fable 4. The developer tweeted earlier today on June 14 to let viewers know the biggest compliment they could give the Fable 4 dev team is that they refuse to believe the new trailer is "real."

Koelz seems to be saying that yes, Fable 4 will actually look like that when it eventually launches. There's no denying the new game looked very graphically impressive in its new showing last week, which is what we can only imagine has lead some to question its authenticity.

Keep in mind that before the Xbox showcase came about last week, one Xbox exec pledged there's be zero full-CGI trailers, indicating the new presentation would go big on actual gameplay. This comment only really backs up what Koelz is now saying, that Fable 4's latest trailer really was actual gameplay.

Fable 4 still doesn't have a release date, but the past week has been nothing but good news for those desperately awaiting news on the Playground Games reboot. The same aforementioned Xbox exec said games are now taking longer to make, and we all need to get used to that.

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