Fable 2 paints a portrait

We still haven't seen any in-game wondrous sights from Fable 2, the upcoming Xbox 360 RPG sequel, but these new pieces of concept art show the slightly more mature look it's going for.

Set centuries after the original game, the whole world has moved on into a more swashbuckling, blunderbuss-wielding era. But having learned his lesson from hyping up the original Fable 's amazing list of features, designer Peter Molyneux is keeping his lips almost firmly sealed on the sequel.

One confirmed improvement is that you'll be able to play a female character, unlike the first game. Well, you could wear a frilly dress but it just wasn't the same.

And check out the pirate-looking type in the pic above - we'll join Molyneux in resisting the urge to shout about sailing in Fable 2.

November 3, 2006