Explore Strange Wilderness

Just what is it about Justin Long that attracts Bigfoot? Maybe it’s the eyebrows… Anyhoo, after appearing in the little seen indie comedy The Sasquatch Dumpling Gang, Long is cropping up in another laugh-grabber with a crypto-zoological (look it up, kids) bent.

Strange Wilderness finds Steve Zahn as the host of the titular nature show, a gig he inherited from his late father. Sadly, he’s dreadful, lacking any sort of talent and making facts up on the fly.

But when he’s offered the chance to track down Bigfoot, he reasons it’s just the sort of excitement his career needs. With the likes of Long, Zahn, Jonah Hill and even Ernest Borgnine involved, it has a chance at the funny. Judge for yourself over at IESB.net with seven clips .