Exclusive poster for Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa , the long-awaited movie outing for North Norfolk’s premier broadcaster, is finally hitting cinemas in summer 2013, and we’ve got an exclusive poster to prove it.

It features Alan (Steve Coogan) in bemused action man mode, straddling police tape and making the international sign for, ‘Hold up!’

Littering the background are some key signifiers that suggest the big screen won’t take away from the character’s small-world charm: as well as a couple of police vehicles, there’s a Radio Norwich van, and the spire of the city’s cathedral jutting proudly out of the horizon. Who needs the Eiffel Tower?

The film will see Partridge reluctantly step into the role of hostage negotiator, when the home of his radio station comes under siege from a rogue employee who hasn’t taken kindly to being made redundant.

The film’ll feature characters that’ll be familiar to Partridge connoisseurs, with Michael (Simon Greenall) and Lynn (Felicity Montagu) among the regulars set to return.

Check out the Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa quad poster now:

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Over the years, from radio work in On The Hour , through mock talk-show Knowing Me, Knowing You , to fly-on-the-wall sitcom I’m Alan Partridge , the hilariously awkward presenter has become a genuine comedy legend, and we can’t wait to see what he does with a feature-length format.

We’ll get to see the results when Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa opens in the UK on 7 August 2013.

Matt Maytum
Deputy Editor, Total Film

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