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Exclusive: New images from Duncan Jones' Source Code

We've bagged some exclusive pics from Moon director Duncan Jones' Source Code .

The movie stars Jake Gyllenhaal as soldier Colter Stevens. He's repeatedly sent back, Quantum Leap stylee, to solve the mystery of a train bombing.

Inhabiting a different body each time he travels back, Stevens has to keep reliving the same eight minutes until he can find and stop the bomber.

Michelle Monaghan co-stars as commuter Christina, while Up in the Air 's Vera Farmiga is Stevens' contact in the future.

The movie has drawn comparisons to 12 Monkeys , Groundhog Day , and Quantum Leap , but expect this to be a unique beast.

Jones' Moon was one of the most interesting sci-fi movies of recent years, and one hell of a take-notice debut. We can't wait to see what he does with a bigger budget and a sky-high concept.

As well as the exclusive shot of Gyllenhaal as Stevens above, there's also a behind the scenes glimpse at director Jones with Gyllenhaal and Monaghan on set:

Source Code is set to be released on 1 April 2011.