Exclusive Mario sweaters induce drooling, bankruptcy

It's the perfect gift for the gaming hipster who has everything, but owning this piece of Super Mario gear will cost you some serious coin.

Licensed by Nintendo, these Japan-only handmade super mario sweatersrevealed inTeami's 2010 Clothing Catalogueare nothing short of awesome. Or... something short of awesome: the sweaters are 36,000 JPY a piece,which equals roughly $422 USD more than most of us worker drones can spare for niche clothing.

Teami's sweaters are available in in two colours and come in hoodie form. They feature both Mario and Luigi in all their iconic retro glory, as well as a stitched gold coin in the pocket for good measure - or, you know, to remind its wearers what it felt like to have money.

Aug 31, 2010

[Source:Hot Blooded Gaming]

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