EXCLUSIVE: How to build a band in The Sims 3: Late Night

GR: Can you tell us about any interesting bands made by the folks on the Sims team?

Lam: Someone on our team made an amazing ‘Undead’ Band with Death on guitar, a vampire on drums, Simbot on keyboard and a ghost on the double bass. Now that’s a killer band! With bands I make, it’s all about their image. I love to give them tattoos and attire that really sell their style.

GR: What’s it like being on stage? Can you tell us about some of the special stage effects?

Lam: The new lighting and effects objects are really versatile and allow for a great deal of creativity. For starters, you can build platforms of various sizes. Most venues have stages built in ready for performances. There are effects machines that emit bubbles or FIRE and gobo lights with different theme patterns like bats or music notes. Some of our favorite lighting effects are the strobe light with an adjustable delay and black lights! If you just can’t decide with all the choices, setting everything to ‘random’ creates an exciting cacophony and sensory overload!

GR: Will your band be able to play Simlish covers of the songs on the official soundtrack?

Lam: You’ll hear songs from the official soundtrack coming from the speakers when you’re at venues but bands won’t be performing them live.

GR: Is the Band career related to the Celebrity career at all?

Lam: Definitely! The band career is one of the best ways to increase your celebrity level. Not only will you earn Simoleons from performing gigs but some gigs will provide a good boost to your visibility and celebrity level.

Sep 29, 2010

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