EXCLUSIVE Conduit screens depict three Washington DC locales

We’re ecstatic that The Conduit is about to march some proper alien-shooting onto the Wii, and as a little pre-release teaser, we’ve got a pile of exclusive screenshots depicting some of the game’s Washington DC locales. Our favorites are below, but you can always jump over to ourscreenshot viewer to see them all.

The White House
The United States’ most officious house is also the most popular site for alien/terrorist attacks. As usual, the invaders from another world seem to have gone off their tour path.

The Washington Monument
This famous obelisk is already pretty surreal, so it’s unsurprisingly featured in a quite a few games (Fallout 3 is the first that comes to mind). Here it is in a bit of disrepair – though when you’re actually playing, we doubt you’ll have much time to enjoy the cityscape, considering all the death-devices aimed at you.

The Library of Congress
The largest library in the world is no place for a gunfight, but try telling that to the Drudge, our future extraterrestrial overlords.

The Conduit releases next week, and we’ll be on the scene with an in-depth super review that’ll cut through the hype with our own “All-Seeing Eye.” Can a hardcore alien-blasting conspiracy thriller work on the Wii? We damn well hope so.

Jun 17, 2009

Associate Editor, Digital at PC Gamer