Exclusive clip from thriller A Thousand Kisses Deep

An intriguing drama from director Dana Lustig, Thousand Kisses follows Mia (Whittaker – Attack the Block ), who sees an elderly woman jump from a window at her apartment block.

When Mia examines the woman's body she finds the tatters of a photo of herself and a former lover, which prompts her to investigate the events leading up to the woman’s suicide.

What ensues is an unsettling saga revolving around her relationship with Ludwig (Scott – Enigma ), who is both charming and dangerous. In this exclusive clip from the film, we see the pair meet outside the building's old elevator, which Mia uses to travel through time.

Watch below...


The film’s title is taken from the Leonard Cohen song of the same name, and is Lustig’s fifth film as director after 2009’s little-seen teen comedy Wild Cherry .

A trailer was released earlier this year and boasted broody undertones that imply this will be a metaphysical as well as a psychological affair.

Scott looks ominous throughout, coolly seducing Whittaker’s Mia with his Scottish drawl and some shifty eyes, before rounding off the trailer with an ominous “I have a feeling that this is just the beginning.”

A Thousand Kisses Deep opens in UK cinemas on 15 June 2012.