Evolve's first free DLC maps are dark and claustrophobic

Sprawling jungles and craggy canyons are nice vacation spots, but sometimes you want to fall back on a good old labyrinth crawl. Turtle Rock Studios has announced that Evolve will go underground in its first set of free new maps, taking players deep into the Broken Hill Mine and emerging in the Broken Hill Foundry.

Broken Hill Mine is made up of tons of caves and tunnels running through solid rock. Three separate areas - a rock quarry, a venom hound nest, and a huge conveyor belt - surround a central drill chamber. The Monster can break open hidden entryways to make quick escapes from Hunters (or to make them think it's making a quick escape). Either way, plenty of quick, close-quarters clashes are bound to break out.

Broken Hill Foundry, on the other hand, looks like a cross between Hadley's Hope from Aliens and an Old West ghost town. The Monster can smack open crates of bohrium for a quick snack at the risk of making lots of noise, and the Hunters will have to keep their eyes open around plenty of sharp corners in the industrial streets and warehouse.

Both maps will be playable in all of Evolve's modes, including new campaign effects for Evacuation Mode. They'll both be given to all players free, just like all the rest of Evolve's planned DLC maps, but Xbox One players will get them first on March 31. The maps will hit PC and PS4 on April 30.

Connor Sheridan

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