Marvel releases trailer for Maestro: War and Pax

Art from Maestro: War and Pax #1
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Marvel Comics has released a trailer for the publisher's upcoming post-apocalyptic limited series Maestro: War and Pax, which follows the evil, super-intelligent version of the Hulk's conquest in a future world.

The limited series, by Peter David and Javier Pina, follows up David's previous Maestro limited series which began telling the tale of Maestro's origin.

"The Maestro has determined that life must go on in the world he's living in, and that he should be the center of government," states David.  "He's consolidating his rule.  He truly believes he's doing the right thing. 

"After all, he's seen what mankind inevitably does if left to its own devices. He thinks that free will has proven to be a noble experiment but ultimately didn't work out," David continues. "So now it's time to try something new, and he's what's new."

"He's setting up a world where he rules over everything, and to him it's going to be a world of peace and contentment. And if some people's noses are out of joint over it, then they should keep it to themselves."

Here's the trailer:

Original story follows

Following up the current Maestro limited series, writer Peter David will continue the story of the Hulk's ascent to becoming the evil super-genius villain, who debuted in David's '90s storyline 'Future Imperfect,' in January 2021 with a new limited series titled Maestro: War and Pax drawn by Javier Pena.

The new limited series debuts in January, just after the current limited series' December 23 finale. As with the first Maestro limited series, War and Pax will run for five issues.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

"The man once known as the Hulk now answers only to the Maestro!" reads Marvel's official description of the new limited series.

"After deposing Dystopia's ancient ruler, the Maestro will now set his sights even higher. With unbridled ambitions, Maestro decides it's time for the entire planet Earth to recognize him as their one true god!" it continues. "But the Maestro will soon find out that he isn't the only immortal left…and if he wants to truly dominate the planet, he'll have to face the most powerful beings in creation!"

This seems to be directly setting the stage for the eventual fight between Maestro and the Avengers, told in the original 'Future Imperfect' storyline which introduced the evolved, evil Maestro.

"I am thrilled that, 20 years after I created him, the Maestro still intrigues people so much that the first series garnered the sort of success that demanded a follow-up," David says in the Maestro: War and Pax series announcement. "As long as folks want to keep reading about him, I'm happy to keep giving them stories."

Maestro: War and Pax #1 (of 5) is due out in January. Look for Marvel's full January 2021 solicitations right here on Newsarama later this month.

Reading Maestro digitally on Marvel Unlimited? You'll be able to read the completed limited series sooner as the streaming service recently reduced its release window.

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