Evil Dead: The Game introduces a free new battle royale mode, Splatter Royale

Evil Dead: The Game
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Evil Dead: The Game's new mode, Splatter Royale, is now available on all platforms. 

The free battle royale mode pits you against 39 other players in a battle "to become the last person standing in fast-paced, battle-royale-style gameplay" and introduces two new weapons, too – the scythe and the long-range grenade launcher.

There's also more things to play with if you decide to buy the premium Immortal Power DLC bundle, too. Not only will you unlock Ruby Knowby - who's voiced by Lucy Lawless - but you'll also get Kelly “Scourge of Evil” outfit, Pablo “Fish n’ Chips” outfit, Ash vs Evil Dead “Party Animal” outfit, and Puppeteer Demon Class “King of the White Frost” outfit.

"As a Dark One, Ruby can regenerate health, increase her possession resistance, and boost the damage of her weapons," Saber Interactive teases. "She can also consume souls to make her aura stronger and charge her unique ability, triggering a deadly blast that damages evil units within range and heals nearby Survivors."

"Evil Dead: The Game proves there's plenty of undead life in this space," we write in GamesRadar+'s 4 out of 5 star Evil Dead: The Game review. "It's by far my favorite of the few asymmetrical horror games I've played, taking an already compelling formula, refining it, and lovingly dressing it up like one of the most revered '80s horror properties. 

"There's nothing terribly groundbreaking here, but instead a culmination of the genre's best ideas that finally gives survivors some agency and opens a big, inviting door for timid horror fans to walk through. Grab some friends and crack open a Shemp's Beer - or cola, in the game - as Evil Dead: The Game is a wicked, blood-soaked, supremely groovy good time."

The asymmetric horror co-op game - which sees you play as one of several iconic characters from the Evil Dead franchise - was released, suitably enough, on Friday, May 13, and racked up "more than" 500,000 sales in just five days.

Evil Dead: The Game is now available on PC via the Epic Games Store, PS5, PS4, Switch, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

Don't forget that - along with OlliOlli World, Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and Mafia Definitive Edition - Evil Dead: The Game is now free to download as part of the PS Essential free games February 2023 lineup.

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