Evil Aliens review

Jake West's latest gore-fest is the sort of film that shouldn't be shown in cinemas in 2006 at all. It shouldn't even go straight to DVD. It belongs instead on tattered VHS bootleg, bought out of the back of a car in, say, 1985. Remember the days of Bad Taste or Braindead, when a Peter Jackson monkey turned people into slavering zombies, not blubbering wrecks? West sure does, because he's gone and made a movie based on them. The plot - alien hunters get stuck on a remote Welsh farm surrounded by bloodthirsty ETs - is merely a device on which to hang a thousand film references; but you won't feel cheated - the devotion to the source material being so energetic and passionate, it's hard not to get carried along for the ride. Promising stuff then, but we're hoping by the time West hits his late-'90s period, he'll have found a few original ideas to throw into the mix.


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