Everything you need to know about PS5 – celebrate the launch with Official PlayStation Magazine's 180-page special

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PS5 is here! Official PlayStation Magazine 182, on sale now, covers everything you need to know about Sony's new console. It's your 180-page guide to PS5's launch: the hardware, the games, the TVs, and accessories.

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PS5 guide


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Taking a deep dive into PS5 and everything it can do Official PlayStation Magazine 182 explains why Sony's next-gen is more than a visual upgrade. Inside we reveal the 10 reasons how PS5 impresses, plus DualSense, ray tracing, and 3D Audio are explained. Get ready for launch with Official PlayStation Magazine 182.

The launch games


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With one of the best line up of launch games in history it can be hard to decide which games to play first. Official PlayStation Magazine 182 meets the devs behind some of the biggest new hits, including The Pathless, Sackboy: A Big Adventure, and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition. Take a deep dive into Demon's Souls and discover why Astro's Playroom is PS5's best kept secret. 

Don't forget, some of the best PS4 games can be upgraded to PS5 for free. We reveal how this works and which games in your collection need to be double-dipped. 

Erick Boenisch, executive producer on NBA 2K21, explains how the upgrade makes uses the DualSense: “On the adaptive triggers, we’re using these to convey energy and fatigue. As your player’s stamina depletes over the course of a game, you’ll feel more resistance on the Sprint trigger. We’re also using it for the post game, where there will be less resistance when backing down a weaker player and more resistance when trying to back down a strong opponent.”

PS5 reviews


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Leading this issue's reviews is PS5's Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Get the lowdown on this launch game and discover if it can better PS4's Marvel's Spider-Man. Plus new PS5 day one games Bugsnax and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition are reviewed.

Quantum Error and more

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