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Here's every single Halo 5: Guardians day one multiplayer playlist

It's two weeks to the day until Halo 5: Guardians (opens in new tab) makes its 60GB imprint on our hard drives (opens in new tab), and 343 has seen fit to tell us what we'll be getting on 27th October. As reported by IGN (opens in new tab), this is a list of the seven multiplayer playlists (so, crucially, not the entire multiplayer offering of the game) coming on day one - as well as the new, community-focused Weekend Social playlist.

Personally, I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Warzone Assault - as much as I love the MOBA indebted cut and thrust of a round of regular Warzone (opens in new tab), this asymmetrical variant - one team/army defending a core, and the other trying to destroy it by any means necessary - sounds like it could get delightfully messy.

Warzone: Escape from A.R.C., Warzone: Raid on Apex 7, Warzone: March on Stormbreak

Warzone Assault
Warzone Assault: Dispatch, Warzone Assault: Array, Warzone Assault: Summit

Team Arena
Breakout: Gambol, Breakout: Trident, Slayer: Coliseum, Slayer: Eden, Slayer: Plaza, Slayer: Empire, Slayer: The Rig, CTF: Coliseum, CTF: Truth, CTF : Fathom, Strongholds: The Rig Strongholds: Eden, Strongholds: Empire

Slayer: Coliseum, Slayer: Plaza, Slayer: The Rig, Slayer: Truth, Slayer: Regret, Slayer: Fathom

Breakout: Gambol, Breakout: Trident, Breakout: Trench, Breakout: Crossfire, Breakout: Altitude

Free For All
FFA Slayer: Eden, FFA Slayer: Regret, FFA Slayer: The Rig, FFA Slayer: Plaza, FFA Slayer: Orion, FFA Slayer: Pegasus

SWAT [including SWAT with Magnums, "SWATnums"]
SWAT: Eden, SWAT: Regret, SWAT: The Rig, SWAT: Plaza, SWAT: Orion, SWAT: Pegasus, SWATnums: Eden, SWATnums: Regret, SWATnums: The Rig, SWATnums: Plaza, SWATnums: Orion, SWATnums: Pegasus

Weekend Social
A weekly playlist that features a mode voted on by the community via Halo Waypoint/Channel. Includes "bonus XP/REQ points", and "the most popular modes have the potential for becoming their own playlist".

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