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Every Golden Joystick winner right here

The Golden Joystick Awards 2009 have just finished. Missed thelive blog (opens in new tab)? Well, even though we should break out the discipline stick of pain, we’ll forgive you. Anyhoo, if you were one of the record-breaking 1,223,646 gamers that voted, you'll want to know who walked away with the shiny trinkets.


Family Game of the Year

Winner: LittleBigPlanet
First runner-up: Guitar Hero World Tour
Second runner-up: Rock Band 2

We say: It might not have sold quite as well as it deserved to, but Sackboy finally has solace in the form of Joystick-branded justice. Bam! Seriously, the family that dresses up little material men together, and then systematically tries to sabotage each other’s attempts to reach checkpoints, is the family that stays together. Probably.

Bliss Handheld Game of the Year

Winner: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
First runner-up: Pokémon Platinum
Second runner-up: Call of Duty: World At War

We say: The DS has been strong like a bear this year, so it’s nice to see GTA’s murderous mayhem cleaning up in this category. Remember kids, your DS isn’t just designed to improve your motor neuron skills through brain-scratching puzzlers; it’s custom built for you to shoot drug dealers in the face.

Retailer of the Year

Winner: GAME
First runner-up: Amazon
Second runner-up: GameStop

We say: Proving that the traditional shop hasn’t quite been replaced by that new fangled DLC thing – yet. Well done, GAME. Our local outfit in Bath has always been a shining beacon of courtesy to us in the past. Thus we decree they deserve this gong.

Mobile Game of the Year

Winner: Metal Gear Solid Touch
First runner-up: Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles
Second runner-up: Worms World Party

We say: The solid one strikes a blow for OAPs everywhere by winning this award, thanks to his surprisingly addictive touchscreen shooter. It might not have 90 minute cut-scenes, but murderingMetal Gearswith a flick of your finger is just about the best thing you could do with your mobile this year.

Nintendo Game of the Year

Winner: Call of Duty: World At War
First runner-up: Pokémon Platinum
Second runner-up: Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

We say: Ah, The Wii version of World At War. It really is that rarest of things: a conversion for the little white box that doesn’t totally blow a donkey’s nether regions. Kudos Treyarch, kudos.

MSN Multiplayer Game of the Year

Winner: Call of Duty: World At War
First runner-up: Left 4 Dead
Second runner-up: Killzone 2

We say: Nazis and zombies go together like obesity and bacon double cheese burgers. The single-player might have been no match for the mighty Modern Warfare, but Treyarch’s awesome co-op mode shows the goose-stepping undead are capable of catapulting any game to sparkly honours.

The Rampage Soundtrack of the Year

Winner: Guitar Hero World Tour
First runner-up: Fallout 3
Second runner-up: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

We say: Hmmmm, we kinda feel a game built on playing licensed music winning this award borders on an unfair advantage, but we’ll doff our journalistic caps to Guitar Hero all the same. Still, the Gear’s latest score is amazing. Seriously, we’re getting teary just thinking about Big Boss and Snake sharing a fag over that beautiful little cue at the end .