Even The Walking Dead's Negan didn't know who he had killed

Who has Negan killed in The Walking Dead? It's a question that's hounded viewers since the season 6 premiere back in April, and one I've tried to answer using cold, hard facts and a large dollop of speculation. And while the show itself continues to tease us about who's going to meet Lucille, the man who delivers that fatal blow has got to know.... hasn't he? Apparently not, as actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan tells EW that fateful episode was just as much a surprise to him.  

"No, they did not tell me," he says, referring to the identity of his victim. "I don’t know that anybody knew on that particular evening, and if they did, no one has copped to me. But I certainly didn’t know. I’ve seen interviews where Norman [Reedus - who plays Daryl] has said, “I know,” but I honestly don’t know that anybody really knew what was going to happen until the first script came out." 

Both Morgan and Reedus have remained vocal about the show's upcoming season, with Reedus referencing a "complete change of power" about to occur. Producer Greg Nicotero says the size of Negan's ego has a lot to do with that, as the baseball bat-swingin' psycho now has "some ownership over what the show is about" before adding that the show's going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better for Rick's group of survivors. Sounds like Morgan had his first taste of that when he returned to film the season 7 opener:  

"That first episode back was crazy. It was just crazy. What you’re asking of these actors to put it on the line like they do, and then this scene in particular, especially if they had the summer to dwell on it, it’s a lot. Then I go blowing in like a hurricane, just dance around on my tiptoes swinging Lucille around — it was 10 days of hell, I believe, for everyone involved." 

Season 7 of The Walking Dead debuts on AMC on October 23, 2016. 

Images: AMC 

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