Eureka 1.03 Before I Forget review

The One Where: Oops, I’ve forgotten.

AIR-DATE: 01/08/06

Written by:
John Rogers

Michael Robison

Tamlyn Tomita, Ryan Vrba, Samuel Patrick Chu, Andrew Airlie

Rating: 4/5

Two of Henry’s old friends are in town to try to interest Nathan Stark into giving them funding to develop a new protective overall for soldiers and policemen. But odd things are happening.

When Carter catches the guy, Jason, smooching with Beverly Barlowe, something happens and he can’t remember the guy leaving. He works out that it’s this new guy in town but when he goes to arrest him, the same thing happens. This Jason has a device that he nicked off Henry years ago which causes short term memory loss. And ever since then, he’s been pretending that his wife’s scientific research is his own, by making her forget and then claiming her breakthroughs.

Eventually, Jason’s found out and, well, everything’s pretty much back to normal.

A fairly standard science fiction idea is rendered surprisingly emotional at the end when Jason’s wife has to not only face that her hubbie has been stealing her ideas, but also that half her life – and half her identity – has been taken from her.

This series is starting to develop quite a distinct character. It’s got a similar lightness of touch to something like Eerie, Indiana or Dead Like Me. Hopefully, though, it’ll hang around for longer.

Kim: “Maybe I cheated on him! How many times did I catch Jason cheating on me?!”

Steve O'Brien

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