Eternals Forever #1 preview reveals the fate of Ikaris

Eternals Forever #1 excerpt
Eternals Forever #1 excerpt (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel Studios' Eternals film is due for release on November 5 in North America, and to prime Marvel fans for the MCU introduction of the esoteric team, the publisher has a one-shot titled Eternals Forever coming up on October 13.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Billed as a jumping on point for MCU fans to get to know the Marvel Comics versions of the Eternals, Eternals Forever focuses on a tale from the past in which Ikaris, one of the most popular and powerful Eternals, is taken prisoner by the Eternals' ancient foes the Deviants.

In the story, Ikaris is captured and brainwashed into fighting his fellow Eternals - even apparently killing Ajak. Though Eternals are destined to be reborn after death, it's still considered a big no-no for them to kill each other.

Here's a gallery of interior pages which show how Ikaris is captured, along with covers from Todd Nauck and Juan Frigeri:

Eternals Forever is written by retired Marvel Comics executive editor Ralph Macchio, who has a past with the characters. 

Macchio edited the 1985 Eternals series by Peter Gillis and Sal Buscema, as well as 2000's New Eternals: Apocalypse Now by Karl Bollers, Mike Higgins, and Joe Bennett. But while best known as an editor, Macchio also wrote the Eternals in a back-up story to 1980's What If..? #24 titled 'The First Eternal,' starring Chronos, Uranus, and Uatu the Watcher.

Macchio will be joined by veteran Marvel and DC artist Ramón Bachs.

Eternals Forever #1 comes as the the current Eternals ongoing series by Kieron Gillen and Esad Ribic is on hiatus, with a series of one-shots, Eternals Forever included, filling in the gaps until its return (which is still yet to be announced).

Eternals Forever #1 goes on sale on October 13, while Marvel Studios' Eternals film comes three weeks later on November 5.

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