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Eternal Sonata PS3 gets new content

Nov 2, 2007

Something PS3 owners must be getting used to by now is waiting a little longer for games to come to their platform, but in Eternal Sonata's case, the extra wait means you'll get two more characters to play as, which is nice.

As an exclusive treat to PS3 owners, the characters Serenade and Prince Crescendo, who were non-playable characters in the 360 version, will be fully playable. These characters will bring with them new story sequences as well, according to Dengeki Online (via Kotaku).

That should add a little extra incentive to lure in Gamerscore junkies who usually go for the 360 version, which is out now (and you can check out our review of thatright here).

The PS3 version of the game is yet to get an official release date.

Above: Attack of the Precious Moments figurines!

Courtesy of CVG