Escharum threatens you and Master Chief for a solid minute in the new Halo Infinite trailer

The latest Halo Infinite trailer is a personal threat from the Banished leader Escharum to humanity.

"Hope. It makes you weak," Escharum says. "Humanity clings to the belief that a savior will come. That a hero will rise, shrouded in armor, to save you. It won't. Armor can be broken. Bodies, shattered. When you look back on these last days, you will realize that all you built was a tomb. A place where hope dies." 

The trailer cuts between Escharum's intimidating Zoom message and the forging of Master Chief's armor. Escharum looks much more detailed (and angry) than he did in previous trailers, and Master Chief's iconic suit is equally stunning between the lighting and water effects at play in its assembly. 

343 Industries is flexing the story and graphics of Halo Infinite here, and both seem more promising than ever. This follows some encouraging comparison shots between the new Halo Infinite campaign trailer and its 2019 introduction, affirming that the game's visuals have come a long way, both for characters and the world around them. 

Speaking of which: 343 Industries community manager John Junyszek previously clarified that the Escharum model in the campaign reveal, which looks a lot like the version in this trailer, wasn't depicted in-engine, and it's possible (more likely, even) that's true of this trailer as well. Regardless, between its most recent showings, Halo Infinite has safely moved past the graphical concerns that clouded its reveal.

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Austin Wood

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