Eragon's first scaly screens

The first fire-breathing screens of movie-based slasher Eragon have hatched from their egg. Previously announced on nearly every format since the Atari 2600, these particular visual gems were laid by Stormfront Studios, the developer of the console version, and creator of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. To see them all, click the Images tab above.

Instead of being a hard-boiled hacker, this all-action fighter allows you to not only take on the enemy in cooperative combat but also to call up your flying friend, Saphira, to incinerate any obstacles or opponents that block your way. And in between joining in with your two-legged friends Brom or Murtagh to defeat the underlings of Galbatorix, Ergaon himself can also saddle up the ever-evolving Saphira for a number of on-rail levels packed with toasting airborne enemies and stomach-swirling aerial maneuvers.

While the film is due to be released on December 15, the game of the film of the book will be released on November 24.

October 31, 2006