EPOS is the new name of Sennheiser gaming audio - and we can expect big things

EPOS is the new name of Sennheiser gaming audio - and we can expect big things
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EPOS, a new Danish audio company dedicated to the creation of high-end audio equipment for gaming, has just announced a new global gaming campaign that folds in a familiar name in the gaming audio space.

The crucial factor here - as well as the launch of a new gaming-focused audio company, which is always good to see - is that Sennheiser's gaming portfolio will be folded into EPOS. The new moniker under which we'll see Sennheiser gaming audio products will now be the dual-named 'EPOS | SENNHEISER' mantle. 

Thus, as well as being the new branding of Sennheiser gaming headsets going forward, the expertise brought to EPOS through Sennheiser means that there is a good opportunity to build upon the gaming audio reputation that Sennheiser has already attained, while also introducing an exceptional new portfolio of premium EPOS branded products.

Based on the theme and promise of, "Out of this world gaming audio", EPOS's launch will be far-reaching and you'll hear a lot more about them as we head towards the end of the year. The promise is a hitherto unseen level of immersion in games through audio - which is a big promise considering what premium gaming headsets can do nowadays.  And while this is just the announcement and beginning of a campaign which looks to bring EPOS to the fore, through its connection with Sennheiser, perhaps, we can look forward to new products imbued with the qualities of both companies later this year when the first major EPOS-only branded gaming product launches in October 2020.

We'll need to see some more information on EPOS products and special features that they bring to the table, of course, but folding in Sennheiser can only be a good thing to add to the arsenal as the Sennheiser name immediately brings quality, magic and audio excellence to the party, no matter the product.

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