Epic Mickey opening movie revealed

Well it seems Warren Spector is continuing on his worldwide tour ofshowing off new Epic Mickey footage to everyone who isn’t me.And those lucky so and sosfortunate enough to be atwhatever the hell is going on in Cologne, Germanygot to see the first part of Epic Mickey’s opening movie. If it’s any consolation, they’ve just passed it along to us!Here’s your first chance to see it,andpotentialglimpsesoftje yet-to-be-confirmedenvironments that might appear in the game. Oh yeah, and it’s pretty great too.A nice little blend of "Thru the Mirror" and "The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" (Cage-free version!) with what looks like a bit of darker spin.

Eagle-eyed animation nerds will take much delight in the fantastictime elapsesequence in the middle, plusthe trailer may very well offer clues Epic Mickey has yet to reveal.

Above: The trailer is narrated by Yen Sid, who is creating the “Wasteland,” a place for those forgotten...

Above: Perhaps an alternate reality? We can see a statue in the middle ofwhat looks likeWalt and Oswald?

Above: As promised, we’re seeing the return to the mischievous, kinetic Mickey people originally fell in love with. So… can you spot any potential Disney locales he’s accidentally brought to life? Something looks pretty "Alice in Wonderland" in there. Is that the Matterhorn and Small World rides? I’m getting a "Mickey and the Beanstalk" vibe from that thing on the left… TOMORROWLAND?!

The trailer makes the in-game sequences look pretty stunning, yes, in spite of being a Wii game, naysayers! The video ends on a cliffhanger, but it looks like Disney is promising to reveal more clips in the weeks ahead. I'll probably be available.

Aug 16, 2010