Epic Games reportedly offered Sony $200m for its first-party exclusives

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Epic Games reportedly attempted to strike a deal with Sony to get its first-party exclusives onto the Epic Games Store for a $200 million advance.

In documents revealed as part of the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, the paperwork seemingly outlined a prospective deal between the two companies. However, there's a lot of caveats with the story, not least because it details a tentative deal about PC-exclusivity rather than a firm one, and the papers were apparently released in error (albeit not before an eagle-eyed Resetera poster allegedly snapped it).

That said, the document says that Epic offered Sony "$200M MG+ for 4-6 titles", with "MG" seemingly standing for "minimum guarantee".

There's no information on what those 4-6 titles could have or would have been, either; to date, as noted by our friends at PC Gamer, the only two Sony first-party titles to appear on EGS thus far are ReadySet Heroes and Predator: Hunting Grounds.

Interestingly, the document also reportedly sheds light on Epic Games' conversations with Microsoft, too. According to the document, Microsoft was "against" EGS' plans during the companies' "opening conversations", and reveals that Phil Spencer was "meeting with Gabe [Newell] at Valve occasionally". 

Similar talks with Nintendo were amusingly referred to as "a 'Moonshot' unto itself", with the unknown author acknowledging that "corporate history says this is a non-starter". 

In related news, Fortnite could be getting a crossover based around The Rock, according to other recent court documents that have emerged during between the legal battle.

One document, that was previously used internally at Epic Games, outlines future crossover plans for Fortnite Battle Royale, and includes a mention of The Rock. There's talk of modes starring LeBron James and Zion Williamson, a special arena basketball mode, and much more.

It's not just Epic's internal documents that are being made public due to the trial. We recently saw an internal Xbox document presented at the trial, which has also made its way online. 

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