Netflix’s new number 1 show lands perfect Rotten Tomatoes score and comparisons to Marvel’s Avengers

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Netflix’s new superhero drama Supacell has topped the streaming charts after launching a few days ago. It’s taken the top spot on the most-watched TV shows list in multiple countries, and is currently number two in the UK and the US.

The series created by Blue Story helmer Rapman follows five ordinary South Londoners who discover they actually have supernatural powers. Reviews have been pretty glowing too, with the limited series sitting at 100% on Rotten Tomatoes currently.

Financial Times’ Dan Einav writes: "Instead of being yet another superhero yarn, this is a story that uses the genre to consider how power – its presence, its absence, its denial – specifically affects Black lives in a society still rife with prejudice and inequality."

Irish Independent reviewer Pat Stacey adds: "Supacell might essentially be a superhero fantasy, but it’s one that keeps a foot planted firmly in a recognizably real world. Excellent."

"While there’s a lot about Supacell that we’ve seen before, there’s also enough that’s new to keep us watching, especially given the performances of its main cast," comments Decider’s Joel Keller.

Viewer reactions on the review aggregation site have been glowing too, with many comparing the series to some big franchises. "If you combine The Avengers, Get Out, and Top Boy, you will get SUPACELL. This was an unexpectedly great show," wrote one, while another added: "Incredible Show. So many twists and turns. I watched every episode back to back. Need season 2 ASAP. I'm even going to go and watch season 1 again."

Fans who have already binged the series will likely be hoping for a season 2 as well, especially thanks to the Supacell ending and post-credits, which neatly set up the future of the show. If you loved it, check out our writer’s thoughts on how the series brings Black British culture to a global arena.

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