Embarrassing game magazine covers - REDEEMED!

We devoted an entire section tolaughable licensed game covers, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Sometimes a good cover can make even the worst game downright memorable:

Above: Bad Game, Awesome Cover #1

Above: Bad Game, Awesome Cover #2

Above: Okay, Great Game with one of the best covers in the history of paper

Above: You’ll never see a Tomb Raider cover this breathtaking for as long as you live

Above: Atari Age covers had a tough road to hoe, but I’d play anything that looked this awesome… even if it was an outright lie

Above: I joked about some of the poor screen capture technology, but I love how it looks likeEGM did little more than snap a shot of TV, yet it helps the otherwise generic Sonic art stand out

Above: NBA Jam was one of the hottest games of the day, yet fairly difficult to adapt into an visually exciting cover. Unless you’re Gamepro

Above: Next Generation took a lot of grief in my article, but one of the things I loved about their covers was the chances it took with new IP on the cover. Nowadays, everything is a sequel orestablished in some form or another. Although these characters never reached iconic status everyone, except the chick from Malice, certainly deserved to

Above: PC Gamer has a long, phenomenal legacy of great covers, but I stopped looking immediately upon finding this slice of elegance

Above: While admittedly a wildly inaccurate representation of Phantasy Star II,Gamepro holds this cover up as the finest its ever produced, and I’m inclined to agree

That's all!Hope I've enlightened a couple of you cruel younglings out there. Iknow only a fraction of the people will who looked at The Bad will bother to look at The Good, but I wouldn't have been able to sleep this weekend if I didn't give these mags their fair shake. After all, we've got history together...

Above: From our tearfulEGM: Gone but not forgottenarticle... which wasn't necessaryas it turns out!

Jun3, 2010

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