Elveon - updated impressions

Graceful. It's the one word that appears time and again throughout our hastily scribbled notes about Elveon, and even when the words next to it say something about gouging out a dude's liver with the blunt end of a spear, it's still there. And it appears time and again because even a year away from completion, this combat-driven PC and Xbox 360 RPG stands out as something special; as something worth watching.

The secret seems to be in the Unreal 3 engine. Because - while the code-shunting behemoth has been seen in a hundred futuristic shooters - it hasn't been given free-reign in a third-person fantasy world before. And with it handling the zeros and ones, the 10tacle development team and its artist and architect associates have been given the freedom to create a realm so lush as to make your monitor drop to its knees in sobbing appreciation. Go on, click on the Movies tab above to see it for yourself.