Elle Fanning says Death Stranding 2 is taking mocap technology to a new level

A close-up of actor Elle Fanning
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Death Stranding 2 will be utilizing brand new technology to look "so much better," according to its actor.

Earlier this week, a new episode of Hideo Kojima's Brain Structure podcast went live, featuring Death Stranding 2 actor Elle Fanning. Kojima and Fanning briefly touched on the topic of technology for the new game, where the latter described it as "way more" and stating that it's "going to keep progressing, and progressing."

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Fanning went on to speak about Death Stranding 2 as a work-in-progress, saying Kojima "always say 'this isn't done, this is not what it's gonna look like at all'. But then I look at it and I'm like 'it looks pretty amazing.' But in his mind it 'oh my god it's going to be so much better don't even look at this.'"

The actor said Death Stranding 2 "already looks so outstanding, it looks so real, but I know it's going to get so much better," and in Kojima's mind at least, "it's going to be perfect." That's some pretty high praise from Fanning, especially considering Death Stranding 2's in-progress visuals are likely nowhere near finished.

"I can't reveal too much right now," chimed in Kojima. "But we've been using a new technology this time around, so I think the scanning process was a bit difficult, but Elle had fun with it." Kojima's Twitter accounts have promoted this scanning process over the last few months, for the likes of actors Norman Reedus and Shioli Kutsuna, in addition to Fanning. 

Just last week in fact, Kojima revealed Death Stranding 2 would use "techniques not used in the previous game" when it came to lighting. Elsewhere in the interview, Fanning described Death Stranding 2 as "so beyond a video game." Kojima Productions is seemingly investing a lot in overhauling their performance capture process, if this comment and the new podcast are anything to go by.

Late last year, Kojima revealed Death Stranding 2's story was completely rewritten during the COVID-19 pandemic

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