Death Stranding 2 actor Elle Fanning says the project is "so beyond a video game"

A close-up of actor Elle Fanning
(Image credit: Kojima Productions)

Actor Elle Fanning has discussed their experience working on Death Stranding 2, revealing that "it's so beyond a video game."

Speaking on Hideo Kojima's Brain Structure podcast, Fanning explains how they see their role on Death Stranding 2 like any other film role due to the project being "so beyond a video game." The actor, who has been cast to play a role in the sequel, then said: "of course, it's something that you can play, but I think as an actor, this is a full story. It's completely like an immersive movie, in my eyes." 

"I think it's so smart that you choose actors in these parts," Fanning continues to tell Kojima, "because they're full-fleshed characters that you write [...] I actually looked at it as another movie role, because in my eyes it is a movie [...] it's not just a video game." 

Interestingly, the actor - who is primarily known for starring in movies and TV shows such as Maleficent and The Great - also revealed on the podcast that they didn't grow up playing video games due to their family "playing a lot of sports" instead, "I honestly didn't even grow up watching a lot of movies," Fanning adds. 

We're yet to find out exactly who Fanning is playing in Death Stranding 2 or see any of the actor's performance in the upcoming project. All we know is that they're going to be joined by fellow actor Shioli Kutsuna - who recently visited Kojima Productions' studio to take part in an experimental Death Stranding 2 photoshoot, which will help the developers at the studio to utilize "techniques not used in the previous game."

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