Elite's getting a standalone super cheap competitive shooter

The problem with space is that it's really big. Especially in Elite. It's not a game you can rush into for a quick blast unless you really like long journeys and playing the intergalactic stock market.

So enter Elite Arena, a new pocket sized version of the game focusing entirely on combat. It's actually the game's pre-existing CQC separated out and rebranded as 'Arena', a 4v4 shooter that's all of the 'shooting other ships' of the main game, none of the 'how much do you want for a cargo bay full of booze'.

It's basically a super cheap taster pack for the Elite's most action packed moments. For £4.99 or $7.49 you get a 4v4 Capture the Flag and Team Death Match, as well as an eight player free for all, taking place over four arenas - basically themed areas of space with names like Asteria Point or Ice Field. Hopefully won't be short of players on launch either as both players in the main Elite game and the standalone Arena can play together.

Elite is due out today on PC with a TBA Xbox One release.

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Leon Hurley
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