Elijah Wood visits a fan's Animal Crossing: New Horizons island for good turnip prices

(Image credit: Nintendo/Twitter user @directedbyrian)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has given us a lot to enjoy in what may be the strangest time of our lives - and it just keeps delivering. This time in the form of Hollywood star and turnip trader, Elijah Wood, who visited a fan's island to make the most of her high turnip prices. 

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Twitter user Jessa (aka @directedbyrian, as in Rian Johnson), shared some favorable turnip prices on her timeline - 599 bells a pop, to be precise. Shortly after she Tweeted about the astronomical prices, Elijah Wood slid into her DMs, requesting her Dodo Code so he could stop by. What follows is quite possibly the purest thing I've seen in my lifetime.

Elijah Wood in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is precisely how I imagine Elijah Wood is IRL. Not only has he created a character that looks just like him, with cropped dark brown hair, big blue eyes, and an understated (yet cool) outfit, but he's incredibly polite. So polite, he asks "May I pick some fruit" instead of rudely shaking all of Jessa's trees, and makes it a point to compliment the island by saying, simply, "Your island is beautiful." Wood also walked onto the island and immediately proclaimed "Long live Rian Johnson" which I think we can all agree with. 

Honestly, I'm floored. To be graced with the presence of Frodo Baggins himself just because of good fortunes that spawned astronomical turnip prices? It's magical, there's no other way to describe it. Hopefully we'll learn more about Elijah Wood's Animal Crossing experience in the near future - I'm particularly interested to see how he's decided to lay out his island and glean some deets about his perennial preferences (I feel like he's a lily guy). If Mr. Wood chooses to remain silent re: his Animal Crossing experience, then I'll say this: "Alright then. Keep your secrets."

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