Elden Ring players left tarnished over lack of Colosseum rewards

Elden Ring
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Elden Ring players are sounding off over a lack of Colosseum rewards and Sites of Grace.

The new Elden Ring Colosseum update launched earlier today after being revealed just 24 hours prior, though players haven’t taken long to take to the game’s dedicated subreddit to comment on several issues they perceive as talking points surrounding the new content.

One of these main talking points is the lack of any rewards associated with the new Colosseum update. After a fight is done, whether it be a free-for-all or team-based battle, players are left to merely exit the Colosseum and pick a fight with another challenger, instead of receiving any rewards for their feats. So all that work that went into Elden Ring PVP builds gets you nothing but the thrill of victory. 

Some on the game’s subreddit are no doubt disappointed by the lack of rewards. It’s worth bearing in mind that developer FromSoftware has a precedent for this - back in Dark Souls 3’s PvP modes, no prizes were handed out for vanquishing invaders, and players merely gained a symbol to signify how dedicated they were to the PvP gauntlet.

Another point of contention is a lack of Sites of Grace at the Colosseums scattered around The Lands Between. For those unaware, there are three total Colosseums found in Elden Ring (head over to our Elden Ring Colosseum locations guide for more), but they’re without the checkpoint system, meaning players have to travel to each on foot.

However, as other players have pointed out, you can access each Colosseum from the Roundtable Hold. Three brand new statues are found within the hub area, each of which will immediately teleport the player to a PvP duel in any of the three arenas, depending on which statue they interact with. Therefore, there’s no need to even venture out into The Lands Between to visit each Colosseum, although you’d be forgiven for assuming that was the case. 

In other Colosseum-adjacent news, Elden Ring players fear a resurgence for the Rivers of Blood katana. 

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