Elden Ring finally tells you how many Runes your freakin' Runes are worth

Elden Ring Sir Gideon Ofnir boss fight the all knowing how to beat
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On top of bug fixes and a few notable gameplay tweaks, Elden Ring update 1.05 also added exact values to the zillion consumable Runes clogging up your inventory, letting you see exactly what they're worth before using them. 

Reddit user Theheadofjug pointed this out and I dutifully started playing Elden Ring during work hours to confirm it since there's no mention in the official patch notes. You still need to toggle the item display menu to show additional details, but you can now see how many Runes your Golden and Hero's Runes are worth. 

This might sound like a small change – and let's be honest, it is – but it's also a welcome solution to an annoyingly common inconvenience. Every Tarnished has been there. You're 1,147 Runes away from getting another level or buying something you need for a weapon upgrade, and you're not sure which Runes you need to use to top up. And just as you can never plug in a USB device on your first try, you somehow always end up using a Rune that's just shy of the amount you need and then going overboard with the second one. And the margin of error only widens as consumable Runes get bigger and your character's levels become more expensive.  

This change ought to be especially handy in Elden Ring's early game when a handful of consumable Runes can pay for a whole level. Now you'll know just how many Runes your current supply will net you if you burn them all at once. 

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