Eidos confirms Battlestations: Midway sequel

Eidos is viewing the success of its naval combat game Battlestations: Midway as reason to warrant a sequel, it's emerged.It was also reaffirmed in the report that a Just Cause sequel is in development.

Eidos was unavailable for comment on either sequel at the time of writing, however the producer on Battlestations: Midway, Klaude Thomas, did hintatpotential content for a follow-up when wetalked tohim at the end of last year. It's likely that the sequel will be returning us to WWII, Thomas explaining at the time that the Battlestations development team "has a lot of ideas about what they'd like to see in the future and there's a lot of great history we could go into."

He said that one thing that "would be really cool" for future games in the series are "full-scale landing invasions" - like D-Day - and when questioned about co-op in the single-player campaign in Midway replied, "You know, that would have been a great feature, and for the future perhaps." So, that's Battlestations: D-Day with full-scale landing invasions and co-op play in the single-player campaign then? Maybe.

March 29, 2007