Pro Evo successor final name and release date confirmed

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Konami has confirmed that the final name for its sequel to the Pro Evolution Soccer series is eFootball 2022 – and announced that it’s out before the end of this month. The official eFootball 2022 release date is Thursday, September 30.

Exactly as predicted in our PES 2022 guide, the game beats its main rival into digital stores – but only just. EA’s FIFA 22 is out one day later, on Friday, October 1.

Pretty big week for football fans, then. Good luck finding time to watch the vital Premier League fixture between Manchester City and Liverpool on the following Sunday afternoon.


(Image credit: Konami)

eFootball 2022 is coming to PC, PS5, Xbox Series X, PS4 and Xbox One. It’s free-to-play and Konami plans to add cross-platform functionality, although that won’t occur at launch. You’ll also have to wait for an edit function and the still-unnamed team-building mode set to replace the beloved Master League from PES games of yore.

One element guaranteed at launch is a roster of six stadiums and nine teams including Barcelona, FC Bayern, Arsenal, Manchester United and Juventus, for both online and offline play. Cross-generation matches are included – so you can play PS4 vs PS5, or Xbox One vs Xbox Series X – as are mission objectives which unlock in-game rewards such as virtual currency. 

The full set of launch teams is as follows:

  • Barcelona
  • FC Bayern
  • Juventus
  • Manchester United
  • Arsenal
  • Corinthians
  • Flamengo
  • River Plate
  • Sao Paulo

And these are the available stadiums:

  • Camp Nou (Barcelona)
  • Old Trafford (Manchester United)
  • Allianz Stadium (Juventus)
  • Emirates Stadium (Arsenal)
  • Allianz Arena (FC Bayern)
  • eFootball Stadium (generic)

The release of eFootball 2022 brings the Pro Evolution Soccer series to a close after three decades of going stud-to-shin against FIFA 22. More interested in EA’s new footy sim? Then be sure to check out our comprehensive FIFA 22 preview.

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