Edmond review

A long, dark night of the soul turns into something ugly in Stuart 'Re-Animator' Gordon’s adaptation of David Mamet’s 1982 play. The Falling Down-meets-After Hours pitch and plum cast (William H Macy, Rebecca Pidgeon, Bai Ling, Mena Suvari) look tempting, but it’s not a stretch to see why it’s sat on the shelf for two years. Macy plays an everydrone whose trip to a fortune-teller ends in him ditching his wife and hitting the nightlife. His odyssey goes tits-up, with the point being that Mamet’s take on emasculated mensch-hood takes a turn into nastier-than-usual terrain. Macy fails to flesh out Edmond’s behaviour and when he’s the sole character focus, that’s a problem.

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