Eat a Whopper, play Kinect at Burger King

Say, do you want to burn off that double cheeseburger in the same place you ate it? Microsoft has begun installing Kinect demo units at select Burger King locations, further expanding the partnership between the two companies.

We'll let the hilarious YouTubevideos trickle through before we say much more, but there is one good thing about Kinect and BK- no hands required. That means you could be eating your chicken fries and playing Kinect Adventures simultaneously. Is this the visionary future Microsoft promised us back in 2009?

Fans of kitsch will remember the Burger King/Xbox promotion from 2006, when the fast food chain sold special BK-themed video games. Well, you won't find any Burger King Kinect games just yet, but clearly the home of the Whopper and the home of the Xbox enjoy each other's company.

Above: Remember these?

A Burger King in Santa Clarita, California has become the first to get the special Kinect station - it was set up inside the kids' play area.

Store owner Dave Wurts called it "a traveling road show," meaning Microsoft will be going around and setting these things up at numerous, high-traffic Burger King locations.

It's just the latest step in a frenzy of promotional campaigns Microsoft has pulled out to spread the word about Kinect. The gadget has appeared on the talk show circuit - including Oprah - and will be part of a multimillion dollar advertising push, the likes of which Microsoft has never done for any Xbox product before.

[Source:AM 1220 Radio]

Nov 2, 2010

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